The European Nudging Network

What is TEN?

The mission of TEN is to ensure a scientifically and ethically responsible dissemination of applied behavioural insights throughout Europe and beyond. We do that through a range of Open Access (OA) online resources and member activities. One of the activities of TEN is the database you are currently viewing.

More About TEN

The Nudge Database

The TEN Database aims to have the most up to date content of behavioural interventions in the world. And if you see a Nudge thats not there, feel free to submit it for validation. But first, discover what we already found. The scope of influence from behavioural insights is broader than most people think, and applicable across sectors.

Discover Nudges

Size matter! A field experiment in reducing food waste

Redesigning the ‘choice architecture’ of hospital prescription charts

Save More Tomorrow

Organ Donation – Do Defaults Save Lives?

Letters that encourage tax payment

Apples vs. Brownies: A Field Experiment in Rearranging Conference Snacking Buffets to Reduce Short-Term Energy

A change in choice architecture can help pub-goers drink less

Duplex printer default, a green nudge

Menu Position Influence Food Choice

Stating Appointment Costs in SMS Reminders Reduces Missed Hospital Appointments

Reducing electricity consumption in a workplace setting

The Use of Lotteries to Promote Card payments

Taking the First Step: Using Behavioral Economics to Help Incarcerated Parents Apply for Child Support Order Modifications

Using the default rule to increase the demand of doggy bags in restaurants

Interventions at a student canteen restaurant for sustainable consumption

These greens are so seasonal: nudging shoppers towards seasonable fruits and vegetables in the supermarket

Similar taste, different impact: nudging shoppers towards vegetarian alternatives in the supermarket.

A little less meat, a little more green action: nudging towards more sustainable and healthy portion sizes in the supermarket

Below you see the most recent contributions to TEN

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