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The Danish Business Authority is responsible for the register of businesses in Denmark, called the CVR Register. In order to keep the data up to date, it is necessary that businesses update their own data, and change it whenever the business moves or a new contact person is assigned. Despite laws, that states that it’s the responsibility of the business, too much of the data in the register did not match reality. In order to rectify this, a nudge was created to prompt business owners to revise their company information, in collaboration with iNudgeyou and The Danish Nudging Network.

A prompt was constructed to draw attention to the company information when business owners visited the website of the Danish Business Authorities. Everyone with a company login on the website of The Danish Business Authority was greeted with at pop-up box containing their company data. The choice of a pop-up box as a prompt was decided upon after the choice of the website of The Danish Business Authorities as the arena for the intervention. The website of choice was www.virk.dk, the gateway to public services and responsibilities for businesses in Denmark. The pop-up included 3 buttons: “Confirm”, “Correction” and “I’m not responsible for company data. Because Danish business owners visit the site with regular intervals for business purposes, the target audience is present and ready to engage with the prompted task of verifying their company data.

An experiment with a pre-test, post-test design was established to measure the effect of the prompt.


The Pop-up prompt was shown 14,377 times during the 20-day testing period. 52.5% of the exposed users confirmed their current company data, 41.6% pressed “Correction” and only about 6% said that they were not responsible. Most of the corrections made during the intervention period were focussed on email addresses and phone numbers. I fact, twice as many corrections of these kinds of information was seen during the intervention, compared to the baseline.

However, 42% of the people that pressed “Correction” did not make corrections, but fell out of the flow before finishing the corrections of their company data. two theories present themselves to explain this. Either the business owners pressed “correction” in order to remove the pop-up and move on with their purpose, or they found the process of correcting their company data counter-intuitive and gave up. The latter had previously been confirmed in a user-experience study and if the business owners just wanted to move on, they could have just as well pressed “I’m not responsible for company data”. In this context, the second explanation seems most likely.

The results speak to the conclusion that the prompt had the intended consequences. It shows that a prompt with an easy solution to a problem that may not be the primary focus of a busy business owner can result in immediate action, and bring better quality data to public registers. In order for prompts to have their full intended effects, it is, however, important to ensure an effective flow of the action that is beeing prompted.

Primary Institutions – The Danish Business Authority, iNudgeyou & The Danish Nudging Network



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