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Here at TEN we want to know about the nudges you have created. We would like to share them with the world, and keep our collection of nudges as up to date as possible.

So If you have done work involving nudging, we would love to post your nudge and your results. Just fill out our form, and we will share it with our users as soon as possible. If you are in doubt about the process or need further information feel free to write a mail to or browse through our collection of nudges.


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Title – In this field you enter the proposed name for the intervention. The name will be the first thing that people see, so try to make it’s short and descriptive.

Primary Institution – Here you should put the name of the institution or company that was the center of the research. Please submit the logo of the institution as well.


Secondary Institutions – If more institutions or companies contributed to the research, please enter them in ascending order of contribution.






Project Lead – The Project Lead is the frontrunner in the development and testing of the intervention.

Contributers – If more people contributed to the development of your intervention, please enter their names and titles here.

Project Contributions – If more people contributed to the development of your intervention, please specify who did what in this field.





Location – Where did the intervention take place? If the intervention has not yet been tested or implemented into society, please enter the location of the Primary Institution





Describe the intervention – First write a short introduction to the intervention, in no more than 200 words. Try to answer the following questions: What is the setting for the intervention? What behaviour change is being targeted?




Method – When you describe the method of the intervention, try to make the it clear how the situation was before the intervention, and how it was changed by the intervention. In this field you should also specify the nature of the intervention, to make the experiment as repeatable as possible. This field should allow for your viewers to understand how and why you did what you did to make the intervention.


Results – Here we would like you to enter your data, and your results. We are interested in knowing such things as: Did the intervention have a statistically relevant result? How much did the targeted behaviour change, if any?




Conclusions – In this field you should write how your initial hypothesis held up in the face of reality. Did you succeed in changing behaviour? In the way you hoped for?




Report or Research Article – If you have published a report or a research article that can be shared with your viewers, please indicate which kind of literature you are making available, and either add a link to where it can be found, or upload it as a file.

Picture – Please upload a picture that can help your viewers understand your intervention, and act like a headline for your post.

Literature – Here we are NOT asking about references in a scientific sense. If you can name 3 resources that would be relevant to viewers who wants to know more, after reading about your intervention, it would be great. For example, if your intervention is about eating habits, then a book or an article by Brian Wansink might be a good idea.

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